Westpac Rescue Helicopters

    Westpac Rescue Helicopters

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    Who they are

    New Zealand’s rescue helicopters provide a vital safety net for all people. Performing over 7,000 missions last year and operating nationwide through 15 local rescue helicopter services, many of the rescue choppers act as flying intensive care units. Along with remote rescue, the highly trained specialist crews have been called upon to perform critical hospital transfers, attend emergency births, and respond to car and boating accidents. In fact they may attend any type of emergency where rapid response or difficult location is a factor. And they’ll do this any time of the day or night, every day of the year, right across the country.

    We’ve been a proud sponsor of Westpac Rescue Helicopters for 40 years. Here’s how we help:

    • we’re the principal sponsor of the Auckland, Waikato, Wellington and Canterbury rescue helicopter services,
    • we’re an associate sponsor of the West Coast, Tauranga, Taupo, Palmerston North rescue helicopter services,
    • we provide staff and funding to promote and manage the annual nationwide fundraising campaign, the Westpac Chopper Appeal. We proudly support all rescue helicopters in New Zealand through our appeal.

    Our goal is to raise $1 million every year for rescue helicopters around New Zealand, with all donations being distributed back to the 15 rescue chopper services across the country, meaning money raised locally, stays local.