Frequently Asked Questions.

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What is changing?

We're introducing a new feature to hotpoints called hotpoints Pay®. This will allow you to use your hotpoints for purchases you make with your hotpoints credit card, anywhere Mastercard® is accepted*. This includes whether you're shopping in New Zealand, overseas or online. As part of the launch of hotpoints Pay we'll be updating the hotpoints website, with a refreshed look and adding some new features. Your log in details will remain the same.

*Eligible purchases exclude gambling chips or gambling transactions (including online gambling), cash advances, interest charges, or transactions on any nominated account(s) linked to your credit card or account, or any other purchase that Westpac deems ineligible for hotpoints Pay. Only purchases made with a hotpoints Mastercard can be used for hotpoints Pay.

What will happen to my hotpoints balance?

Your existing hotpoints balance won't be affected. Once the updated hotpoints website is live, when you log in and view your account information on the "My Account" page, you'll see all of the hotpoints you've previously earned as a total sum, with a description saying "hotpoints update". This just reflects your existing hotpoints balance transferring into the new system. Any hotpoints you have already earned will appear in your balance on our website and will be able to be redeemed using hotpoints Pay.

I want to redeem my points for SpendBack®, Holiday Credits or Pay Using Points at Flight Centre, but they've gone, so now what?

Now that we have hotpoints Pay, you have the choice and flexibility to use your hotpoints for any eligible purchase, anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Because of this, you'll no longer see specific redemption options for SpendBack, Holiday Credits or Pay Using Points at Flight Centre. Hotpoints Pay gives you the freedom to redeem for all of these purchases, plus many more!

My stored delivery addresses have disappeared, where are they?

If your delivery address is different to your primary address we have on file, you'll need to fill this in again on our updated website. You can load and save your preferred delivery address the next time you redeem for a physical reward.

On the hotpoints website I can't see all the purchases I made on my card in the last 90 days, where are they?

For hotpoints Pay, you'll only see a list of eligible purchases that you have enough points to redeem for using hotpoints Pay. If a purchase isn't showing here, you may not have enough hotpoints to cover the full purchase amount. The page will only display transactions that you can redeem for using your current hotpoints balance. You can also see all of your new card purchases in the My Account section. When we launched the updated website, your credit card purchase history wasn't carried over, but you'll see all your new purchases appear here, as you use your card.

Why is there an amount of hotpoints listed in my account history called 'hotpoints update'?

This is your existing hotpoints balance that has been transferred into the new hotpoints system.

I'm looking for something, but it seems to have changed or disappeared.

With our new website, we have taken the opportunity to simplify some of the rewards offering. If you are looking for something but can't find it, here's a few things that have changed:

- We no longer offer Points + Pay on gift cards. You can still use Points + Pay on merchandise items.

- The rewards available in hotpoints are refreshed regularly. If you were saving your points for something but it has now gone, we may have replaced it with a later model. However, now with hotpoints Pay you can go and buy it yourself by using your hotpoints credit card and enabling hotpoints Pay.

- You won't be able to transfer hotpoints to another customer.

- To transfer points between your own accounts, please call us on 0800 861 862, weekdays from 8am – 6pm.

What is hotpoints?

Hotpoints is Westpac's credit card rewards programme and is available on any Westpac hotpoints credit card (hotpoints Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, World Mastercard and BusinessPLUS Mastercard). Every dollar you spend on a hotpoints credit card earns you hotpoints that you can redeem for a wide range of rewards.

How do I earn hotpoints?

Every time you make a purchase with your Westpac hotpoints credit card, you earn hotpoints. Some types of transactions don't earn hotpoints, such as cash advances, fees and interest charges, and cash substitutes such as gambling chips or online gambling. You can apply for a hotpoints credit card online.

How many hotpoints can I earn?

Different hotpoints credit cards have different earn rates. To see which card might be best for you, use the hotpoints calculator.

- hotpoints Mastercard: $1 spent = 1 hotpoint

- hotpoints Platinum Mastercard: $1 spent = 2 hotpoints

- hotpoints World Mastercard: $1 spent = 3 hotpoints

- hotpoints BusinessPLUS Mastercard: $1 spent = 1.25 hotpoints

The amount of eligible spend that can earn hotpoints is capped at $60,000 a month. Any spend over $60,000 on eligible purchases in each relevant month will not earn hotpoints. This cap does not apply to hotpoints BusinessPLUS Mastercard.

How does the cap work?

Hotpoints are earned every time you make an eligible transaction. Once you have made $60,000 worth of eligible transactions in a calendar month, no further hotpoints will be earned on your eligible spend until the beginning of the next month. The total spend amount includes eligible transactions made by any joint and additional cardholders on your account.

How do I use my hotpoints to get rewards?

To redeem your hotpoints, you can log in to the hotpoints website from Westpac One online banking using the "redeem your hotpoints now" link. You'll be able to see the whole catalogue of reward options, including gift cards, eCards, and merchandise. You'll also be able to donate your hotpoints to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, make a contribution to a Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account and use hotpoints Pay for eligible purchases you've made on your hotpoints credit card in the last 90 days.

Do hotpoints expire or have a time limit?

Yes, hotpoints last for three years from the month you earned them.

How much does it cost to be a member of hotpoints?

There is no membership fee for hotpoints. Your membership is covered by your annual or six monthly credit card account fee.

Do additional/joint cards accrue hotpoints separately, or do they do so to a “common” (e.g. main cardholder’s) account?

All cards linked to an account will earn hotpoints into one account, including additional cards. Joint cardholders can both redeem the hotpoints balance, but additional cardholders can't. All cards linked to an account will earn hotpoints into one account, including additional cards. Joint cardholders can both redeem the hotpoints balance for rewards, but additional cardholders can't. Additional cardholders are able to use hotpoints Pay if the primary cardholder selects their card from the dropdown list when enabling hotpoints Pay for a purchase.

I have more than one hotpoints account, how do I transfer points between them?

You’ll need to call us on 0800 861 862, weekdays from 8am – 6pm, and we can transfer your points into another account of your own.

How do I log in to hotpoints?

First, log into Westpac One online banking. On the home page you'll see a hotpoints section under the list of accounts. Click on this, and a new page will open on the right hand side, showing your hotpoints accounts. If you have more than one hotpoints credit card, each is displayed individually. Simply click "redeem your hotpoints now" next to the account you want to use, and you'll be securely logged into the hotpoints website to redeem and view your account information. If you want to use a different hotpoints account, you'll need to log in using the link from Westpac One for that account instead.

Is there a minimum amount of hotpoints I can redeem?

To use hotpoints Pay, you'll need 667 hotpoints which is $3. To redeem for most Gift Cards or eCards, or contribute to a Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account, you'll need a minimum of 3,600 hotpoints which is $20. The minimum required to redeem for merchandise will vary depending on the products that are available at the time. You can donate as little as 900 points to charity which is $5.

What is Points + Pay?

With Points + Pay you can top up part of your merchandise redemption with your Westpac hotpoints credit card. Simply choose how many hotpoints you want to redeem for selected items online, and it will show you the amount to pay in dollars with your Westpac hotpoints credit card. For example, if you want to get a coffee machine from our rewards catalogue but you don't have quite enough points, you can choose the amount of points you want to use and then pay the difference.

Can I choose the amount of points or dollars I want to use to get my reward?

Yes, you can choose any combination of hotpoints and dollars to get your chosen reward, starting from 5 hotpoints.

Do I earn hotpoints on Points + Pay purchases?

Yes - you’ll continue to earn hotpoints for every purchase you make with your Westpac hotpoints Mastercard at your usual hotpoints earn rate.

Are Points + Pay purchases secure?

Yes. When you put your credit card details in for the payment on the hotpoints website, it is processed through a secure payment gateway.

How do I see a Points + Pay purchase on my statement?

You'll see the purchase amount come through on your credit card statement as "hotpoints purchase Auckland NZL".

How do I enter my KiwiSaver details?

When you make a redemption for a Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account contribution, you will enter your KiwiSaver account details during the checkout process. The first time you redeem, you’ll need to add these details. When you redeem again, you can choose to use existing details, or add a new account. You can also update the details against an existing Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account number.

Can I make a KiwiSaver Contribution to multiple KiwiSaver accounts?

Yes. You can make multiple redemptions, and then select the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account for each one, during the checkout process. You can add new KiwiSaver account details for any redemption by selecting the 'Add' option.

My KiwiSaver redemption didn’t go through, what should I do?

If we can’t process your Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account contribution, you may have entered incorrect details relating to the account. You’ll receive a letter or email to say that it wasn’t processed, and your points weren’t redeemed. You can try again and check the details you entered, and update them if they are wrong. If you need to change the Westpac KiwiSaver Scheme Account number, just call us on 0800 861 862, weekdays 8am-6pm.

When I redeem my hotpoints for gift cards, can I request specific denominations?

Yes, when you order gift cards or eCards you can add specific denominations to your cart. For example, to redeem $60 of Farmers gift cards in $20 denominations, select the $20 Farmers Gift Card and change the quantity to 3 and then add to cart.

Can I have my gift cards redemption delivered by courier?

Gift card redemptions are sent by standard post and will be delivered within standard postal timeframes. If the total gift card value in your redemption transaction is $500 or more, this will be couriered free of charge, and a signature will be required for delivery. The estimated courier delivery time frame is 3 to 7 working days from dispatch.

I've closed my hotpoints credit card, why can't I log in to hotpoints online?

Once we have received your closure request, your card is removed from your Westpac One online banking profile and you can't use it any more. This also removes the link to log in to hotpoints online. Any remaining points you had can be accessed by calling us on 0800 861 862, weekdays from 8am - 6pm. During the 90 day expiry period, you won't be able to:

- redeem hotpoints online (only over the phone by calling 0800 861 862);

- redeem hotpoints for hotpoints Pay; or

- use the Points + Pay mechanism.

What happens to my hotpoints if I change from one hotpoints credit card to another hotpoints credit card?

Your hotpoints will be transferred to your new hotpoints credit card. The original 3 year expiry period will still apply, so any hotpoints earned on purchases you made on your original card 3 years ago will expire.

Now you've got more freedom with hotpoints Pay®.

Use your hotpoints anywhere Mastercard® is accepted*.

*Terms and conditions apply.